Laundry Wommelgem

WWTP laundry Clova

In project WWTP laundry Clova another laundry company uses the HydRO WWTP concept, combining MBR and RO to achieve over 75% recovery of process water from 1 day of production available again the next day.



Company CLOVA
Year 2017
System HydRO
Capacity 150 m³/d
Recovery >75%
Main contractor Geo-Engineering NV
WWTP laundry Clova
WWTP laundry Clova
WWTP laundry Clova

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Full exploitation of any water treatment installation is performed by our specialised team in both process control and technical maintenance. We offer you maximum services with our remote controled systems and on site interventions 7/7d and 24/24h. We can also deliver various kinds of chemicals needed in the treatment process.

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