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About Veride

As an international player specialized in the design and management of environmental installations, VERIDE is your go-to partner for water reuse. With a young team of professionals driven by their passion for biology and chemistry we are committed to provide the right solutions to the various challenges you are facing. Assisted by 3D designers and technical staff we distinguish ourselves by our outstanding designs using latest technology in combination with own-developed equipment (HydRO) and with a focus on integrated architecture.

The choice for sustainable materials and state of the art appliances makes our design installations unique and tailored to the specific needs of your industry and long term strategic plans.

Our mission / vision

It is our priority to make you proud by leveraging our profound expertise in water reuse. We aim to improve your ecological footprint in combination with long term value creation for your business. VERIDE is committed to provide you with fully automated solutions contributing to your day-to-day business and enabling you to meet environmental requirements. We make the difference by offering sustainable solutions.