About HydRO

HydRO are the compact and high performance water purification systems developed by Veride bvba. These systems are fully automated and are offered in a mobile edition on demand. With HydRO, we focus mainly on medium-sized companies and this in all industrial sectors such as laundry services, cosmetics, food, beverages and slaughterhouses.

Why HydRO

HydRO® stands for VERIDE’s product line and involves water treatment related devices. These devices are always characterised by:

  • Qualitative materials
  • Standardised or costum made
  • Plug & Play
  • Mobile versions available
  • Completely automated
  • Remote control
  • Corrosion resistant using high quality stainless steel
  • Minimal sound and odor
  • Scalable to 150 m³/d and more

Dissolved Air Flotation

These prestigious Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) installations are a combination of 2 slow-moving stirring flocculators, a float box a clog-free saturation unit and an air sealed cover. The DAF units are constructed with 4 mm stainless steel type 316.

Our DAF units are available in 3 sizes:

type capacity flotation surface
HydRO D.03 10 m³/h 3 m²
HydRO D.05 20 m³/h 5 m²
HydRO D.10 40 m³/h 10 m²

> HydRO DAF: Technical details

Reverse Osmosis

Our Reverse Osmosis (RO) installations are characterised by fully automated cleaning (CIP), so no manual interaction is required to return to full recovery capacity. A 9 inch touch panel and remote control makes these RO units very easy to operate.

> HydRO RO: Technical details

HydRO Water Purification Systems Concept

No more clutter of seperate water treatment systems in your company. The classic sequential series of train de-ironing, water softening, filtering, buffering, disinfection, boiler water treatment, heat recovery systems … and finally sewage treatment now combined in one single system.

Our combination of MBR-RO offered as a plug & play water purification unit delivers the highest quality reusable process water for your company, all departing from your wastewater, in combination with ground- and citywater.
Applications are boiler water, rinsing and washing water, food and non-food production waters, …

MBR systems are delivered in cooperation with Geo-engineering.
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Technical details about HydRO solutions

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