Water Treatment Design
Water Treatment Design Veride


Our designs are always tailor-made for the customer, fully integrated and always taking into account the ease of use in operation. The installation is always designed in 3D with the choice of high-quality materials and equipment, fully automated and remotely controlled.

The plants offered are conservatively dimensioned and well thought-out designed to easily grow with an increasing production of the customer. For realisation (construction) of a project we often partner up with Geo-engineering.

> Design example: Laundry Klaratex

3D design WWTP

3D Drawing

In the 3D design we integrate all aspects of the system such as construction works, logical placements of all crucial devices, all connections by tubing and other attributes. This way we develop a good 3D insight in how the final product can perform most efficiently and this makes it easier to improve along the run of the project and the future.