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Designs for industrial and municipal waste water installations, with total capacities for processing from 1 to 500 m³/h. The designs are always tailor-made for the customer and are made with specific and already proven technology. Designs are developed along with the costumers desires and open to improvement during the project to the final product with seamless architectural integration in mind.

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HydRO for laundries

HydRO for laundries is the compact and high performance water purification and reuse system. This system is fully automated and is offered in a mobile edition on demand. Visit our specialised page for more information.

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Exploitation Services

Full exploitation of any water treatment installation is performed by our specialised team in both process control and technical maintenance. We offer you maximum services with our remote controled systems and on site interventions 7/7d and 24/24h. We can also deliver various kinds of chemicals needed in the treatment process.

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