Laundry St-Joris

WWTP laundry St-Joris

The old water treatment plant of laundry St. Joris was removed to be replace by an ambitious large scale HydRO project. In this project WWTP based on HydRO MBR and RO are combined, so both groundwater and waste water are treated to be reused as ultra pure water, ideal for boiler and washing water. Water use is reduced by up to 80% and only one system has to be maintained. The system softens water without the use of salts and thus manages to keep chloride concentrations in the discharge flow low. Low conductivity yields a favourable effect to the washing process. Energy savings are also part of this solution for the HydRO system barely makes the water loose any heat and therefore reuse waters are of almost the same temperature going out as they are going in as waste water. Biosludge thickening is also a part of this system. This plant can process up to 30 m³/h and instantly deliver the reuse water, with the possibility to upscale even more as production of the laundry grows. This project was built with high quality material by Geo-engineering nv in just 3 months.

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Company ST-JORIS
Year 2016
Systems HydRO MBR – RO
Capacity 30 m³/h
Recovery ±80%
Main contractor Geo-Engineering NV
WWTP laundry St-Joris
WWTP laundry St-Joris
waterzuivering wasserij St-Joris

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